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Driver Safety

Promoting DRIVER Safety in Wisconsin

The Situation

Wisconsin drivers who still don’t wear seat belts consistently are young men, 18-34. With the changing media landscape, AFFIRM has to constantly evolve the messaging it produces for the DOT to engage and educate this audience as to why it’s so important to buckle up, every trip, every time.

Driver Safety Quiz Website


The Results

There’s been no better person to connect with young men in Wisconsin than Green Bay football legend Donald Driver, who has served as the DOT’s seat belt spokesperson for ten years. AFFIRM developed a new interactive DRIVER SAFETY Quiz that educates and entertains users while they learn traffic safety tips. People who complete the quiz can enter to win an autographed Driver football. AFFIRM won an AAF Gold ADDY Award for the quiz in the Online/Interactive category, but, more importantly, thousands of Wisconsin drivers had fun taking it while learning how to improve their driving, making us all safer in the process.

The Driver Safety Quiz can be visited here.

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