Our Water. Our Lives.

AFFIRM was selected by the Long Island Commission for Aquifer Protection (LICAP) to research, develop and implement a drinking water conservation campaign on Long Island.

Every day, over 7 million residents utilize the drinking water from Long Island’s underground aquifers.  This precious water supply is under strain, especially during the hot summer months, and without action now, the drinking water supply for generations to come is in danger of depletion. AFFIRM was contracted by LICAP to put its social marketing expertise to work by developing and launching a comprehensive public education and marketing campaign to educate Long Islanders about their vital groundwater supply and the simple steps they can take to help conserve their drinking water. The OUR WATER, OUR LIVES campaign engaged thousands of Long Islanders with geo-targeted digital advertising and social media that drove people to the campaign website where they could learn how to conserve water and pledge to do their part in the effort.

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