Henry Vilas Zoo

A little help goes a long way in helping a city's beloved treasure to reopen.

The Henry Vilas Zoo, one of the only admission-free zoos in the country, re-opened to the public on June 18, 2020. We designed and launched a marketing campaign to encourage attendance, donations and to educate the community about safety measures being implemented during the pandemic. The strategic campaign – “We Missed You At the Zoo” shows the animals at Henry Vilas Zoo welcoming back their human friends, and includes a request to help support the Zoo through donations due to lost revenue from concessions and lack of visitors and events during the closure. The heart-felt message was delivered through direct mail, outdoor, radio, print and digital advertising, as well as updates to their website.

Henry Vilas Zoo Direct Mail
Henry Vilas Zoo Billboard
Henry Vilas Zoo entrance sign
Henry Vilas Zoo online
Henry Vilas Zoo website updates

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