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We're a full-service advertising and marketing agency based out of Pewaukee, Wisconsin. With a broad range of ever-evolving skillsets, we meet and exceed our clients' needs on a daily basis. Learn more about our core values below, and get a feel for our culture in our Day in the Life video.

Our Core Values

At AFFIRM, our core values form the foundation of everything we do, and set us apart from other agencies.


Our clients are our top priority. We always reply promptly, by phone, text, or e-mail, and try to anticipate your needs before you even have them. Every time.


We create compelling ideas that capture imagination and drive engagement. Our award-winning creative team fuses strong messages with innovative design to change behaviors, increase sales, and build brands.


We find amazing ways to get things done in the face of any challenge. We’re strategic, street-smart, savvy, and find solutions even when the situation seems next to impossible. Just watch us.


We work openly with our clients to gain insight into their business, every idea is entertained and all solutions can be considered. Our clients are our partners, and we embark upon a journey together to a positive outcome.


We stay upbeat, focused and committed no matter what challenges arise. We’re passionate about what we do and have confidence that our collective efforts WILL result in measurable success for our clients and ourselves.

Our Process

Our SMART process helps us develop cost-effective campaigns that break through and deliver results for clients across all business sectors. Every client has different goals and objectives, you're looking to engage audiences in ways that achieve measurable results.

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Situation Analysis

We immerse ourselves in our clients’ business to understand the challenges, goals, and objectives. Always involving research.

Marketing Strategies

We develop a strategic plan that clearly outlines how the program will reach the target audiences and achieve the desired outcomes.

Application & Execution

We create multiple forms of content, then design and produce all campaign tactics for use across various media platforms.

Review & Refine

While the campaign is in progress, we regularly analyze data and track performance in order to make necessary refinements or adjustments to the plan.

Total Success

We measure and evaluate to meet and exceed program goals. We also look beyond the metrics to achieve Total Success in the areas of client service, accountability, and cost-efficiency.

Our Clients

We work with a diverse group of clients, ranging from B2B and B2C companies to large public sector and non-profit organizations. So, whether we’re educating people on why they need to wear seat belts or promoting a brand new burrito, we’re openly collaborative with our clients. We also offer the kind of reliability and responsiveness they value and trust.

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Our work speaks for itself

Sure, we've won our fair share of awards along the way. However, these awards aren't just for us. They're for our clients. We're lucky to work with people that let us push the limits on creative. When we win, we win together!

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