Two Thumbs Up for Emojis

The other day, someone sent me a detailed text about when and where to meet for pizza…primarily using emojis. I use emojis ALL the time and so do most of the people I communicate with – parents, grandparents, kids, and millennials alike. Emojis add a fun element to texts, social media, and more. If you think about it, they’re super efficient. [icon name=”thumbs-o-up” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]

Emojis are more than just symbols for fun…they’re truly a universal language! And they’re evolving already. Apple users eagerly anticipate the arrival of new emojis with iOS updates (most recently the avocado, bacon, and croissant additions omg) and celebrities like the Kardashians have created emojis of themselves for people to download.

When I received that emoji-filed text about pizza, it got me thinking…as a writer, could there come a day when my job is obsolete because people will regress back to hieroglyphics/communicate in all emojis? Or would my job just evolve into emoji copywriting?! Hmm…!

If you’ve ever thought about incorporating emojis in a campaign, here are some solid emoji tips from some Forbes Agency Council members.

  1. Make Them Relevant. AKA use them correctly. Is your audience using them? Do they fit with the brand? Do they flow with the feel of the campaign? Even with fun content, be sure they make sense.
  2. Enhance Social And Email Marketing Campaigns. Emojis have a huge appeal because they trigger emotions in our brains! Emojis can be a great way to engage users with all the feels.
  3. Look to Influencer Bios/Posts for Emoji Tips. Look through social media posts of the demographic you’re targeting. See where and how they’re using emojis to get a feel for the best ways to connect without overdoing it.
  4. Leverage Social Intelligence. There are some social intelligence tools that allow brands to figure out most commonly used emojis, some even down to very targeted segments. Using these kinds of tools make campaign emoji use fool proof.
  5. Be Creative And Have Fun With It. For example, anyone remember Dominos using emojis for customers to order pizza via Twitter? If emojis fit in your campaign, get creative with them! The more creative your emoji use, the more apt your brand is to stick in brains.
  6. Don’t Force It. Using emojis just to use them could potentially take away from your message or turn audiences off from your brand. “Using emojis for the sake of using them is far less effective than using them to help tell a story, highlight something fun, or connect with your audience.”
  7. Use Them As a Universal Language. The article likens emojis to music, in the sense that they both work as universal languages. People can relate instantly and emojis can have strong memory triggers since images can “easily cross boundaries as pictures can carry more weight that text itself.”
  8. Do Not Leave Room For Interpretation. Like #2, emojis are a great tool to engage deeper with an audience who uses them. But, be sure to use the proper emoji to convey your point and be sure the emoji is a clear representation of what you’re trying to say.


For your emoji or other campaign needs, give us a [icon name=”volume-control-phone” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]! We’ll be 🙂 to help.

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