Don’t Hate the Bounce Rate

There are so many different metrics in Google Analytics; deciphering what they all mean can be a challenge even to those with extensive knowledge of SEO. What most people take away from their Google Analytics is that high impressions, clicks, … Read more


AFFIRM’s Vice President of Client Services and Public Relations, Laura Monagle, APR was a featured presenter in October on two important topics affecting workplaces and employers: employee sexual misconduct allegations and opioids. Laura was privileged to share a panel discussion … Read more

Don’t Fake It, You Won’t Make It

As we’ve discussed before, consistency is key when it comes to social. This includes strategizing your brands’ voice and how you relate to your audience. For many brands it may be tempting to try to capture the attention of teenagers by … Read more

Advice to Advertising Agency Interns

Throughout my 12 weeks as a Digital Marketing Intern at Affirm, without avoiding the clichés, I have learned countless valuable life lessons I will take with me throughout my career. My time here has given me the opportunity to get … Read more

The Case for Cause Marketing

In a live filmed stunt, Burger King filmed a social experiment in a restaurant highlighting the issue of the Pink Tax, or in this spot, the Chick Tax. Female customers in the restaurant were charged significantly more for the exact … Read more

The 23 Digital Marketing Terms You Need to Know

If you’ve taken any steps into the world of Digital Marketing, you’re probably aware that there’s a lot to know, especially when it comes to all the specific terminology. Whether you’re optimizing keywords to boost SEO results or kicking off … Read more

Privacy in the Digital Age

In the wake of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica’s data compromise, as well as the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you may have noticed a flood of updated privacy policies surging your inbox or notifications popping up whenever you … Read more

Affirm’s Digital Growth Continues

(Pewaukee, Wis….July 2, 2018) This summer, AFFIRM expanded its Digital Marketing Team as well as its Digital Marketing offerings to its clients. Joining the team are SEM Specialist Michael Bonin, Proposal Writer Anne Kyte, and Digital Intern Briana Lerner. The … Read more

Wisconsin Department of Justice Announces KNOW METH “Altered State” Campaign

(Pewaukee, Wis….June 20, 2018)  Wisconsin’s Department of Justice, in partnership with Marshfield Clinic Health System, Northwoods Coalition, and the Alliance for Wisconsin Youth, has kicked off a second phase of the public awareness campaign KNOW METH, warning of the dangers … Read more

What to do with data?

Earlier this year, news broke that the profiling company Cambridge Analytica used data of over 50 million Facebook users in a now-infamous compromise. Unethical to say the least, the use of personal information influences how the public thinks about online … Read more

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