5 Things to Know About Generation Z

The millennial craze might be over. As millennials continue to make way into the workforce, Generation Z (also known as Gen Z, iGen, Plurals, the Founders) has emerged as the focus for market researchers. Some studies date the start of Generation Z as early as 1993 and others as late as 2000. Regardless of where the cut is made, there are definitely characteristics that distinguish Generation Z. Here are 5 things to know.

  • Digital natives – Gen Z is the first generation to be raised with smartphones. They can take pictures, interact via social media, find the shortest route to the cheapest restaurant, talk on the phone, and send emails within seconds. Because of this, Generation Z takes in information instantaneously and loses interest just as fast, according to a New York Times article.
  • Shorter attention span – Forbes reported that the average attention span for Gen Z is eight seconds, which explains why they would prefer to watch videos less than 10 seconds.
  • Online ads are boring – When it comes to digital advertising, Generation Z will go out of their way to avoid it. According to CNBC, 69 percent of Gen Z prefers ads that they can skip and are more adept at downloading ad blocking software.
  • Engagement – Not surprisingly, Gen Z look to connect with brands the same way they connect with their friends. Social media allows for two-way communication and for information to be easily accessible.
  • Authenticity –No matter what strategies and tactics you choose to implement, authenticity is key to reaching the next generation of consumers. Sixteen year-old author and entrepreneur, Deep Patel, told the Huffington Post, “Gen Z views brands as guilty until proven innocent, so taking the extra step to not only capture their attention but bring value to interactions is crucial.”

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