Just Call Us Chameleons. The AFFIRM Chameleons.

Welcome back to my Core Values blog and the first installment of 2017! With the new year off to a great start, it seems only fitting to focus on one of my favorite AFFIRM Core Values – Exceptionally Adaptable:

“Being adaptable means having the ability to assess a situation quickly and find effective solutions. Even in unfamiliar surroundings. How do we do it? We’re quick learners and the process and principles we use are applicable to any business.” (www.affirmagency.com)

As with many other industries, a new year at AFFIRM means revisiting our clients’ goals and marketing plans for the next twelve months. We analyze which tactics and messaging worked the previous year, which were successful, and which we should explore more throughout the new year. Ultimately, we adapt our old plans to develop more effective campaigns each year.

But, we don’t just do this at year end (or year beginning). Throughout the year, we consistently review our clients’ campaigns and adjust them as necessary so they are as effective as possible (after all, “Review & Refine” is part of our SMART Process!). If one tactic isn’t achieving as impressive results as others, we adjust it. If one message isn’t resonating with audiences as well as others, we update it. If budgets change, we adapt to them. If a client wants to introduce a new medium into their marketing mix, we explore it.

That’s why clients keep coming back to us. We learn, work, and make changes quickly so that no matter the client or campaign, goals are exceeded. Every time.

Next time you’re looking for a change, give us a call. I’m sure we’ll be able to adapt to your needs and get your campaign moving in no time. 🙂

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