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Spark Outing, Holiday Edition

It’s our purpose at AFFIRM to, “Help make people’s lives better.” Whether it’s inspiring people to ditch their wheels on Car Free Day or giving them a “Dose of Reality” about curbing prescription opioid abuse, we strive to make a … Read more

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Inspired Fun (aka AFFIRM Antics)

Congratulations; you made it to the last installment of my Core Value blog! Our last, and my favorite (because how could it not be?!), Core Value is Inspired Fun: “Being inspired means that we work together to change the way … Read more

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Absolutely Positive(ly Engaging Marketing)

Welcome back to my Core Value blog! As you know, this blog series is dedicated to further explaining our Core Values – 8 characteristics our agency team strives to live through relationships with our clients and each other. Lately, we’ve … Read more

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Just Call Us Chameleons. The AFFIRM Chameleons.

Welcome back to my Core Values blog and the first installment of 2017! With the new year off to a great start, it seems only fitting to focus on one of my favorite AFFIRM Core Values – Exceptionally Adaptable: “Being … Read more

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New Year, Same AFFIRM. We’re Still Openly Collaborative.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017’s first installment of my Core Value blog! As we start this year, our agency’s resolution is to continue to live our Core Values with all clients, especially Openly Collaborative: “Being collaborative means every idea … Read more

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Nothing’s Impossible When You’re Amazingly Resourceful

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a situation and unsure how’d you ever fix it? I know I have. But, it’s important to always be prepared for the unknown and confident that you can overcome any challenge that comes … Read more

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We’re Not Just Reliable… We’re Extremely Reliable

Welcome back to my Core Value blog! With the winter months in full swing and everyone crossing their fingers for their cars to start, heaters to work, and flights home to be on time, it only seems fitting to discuss … Read more

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We’re Compelling… Compellingly Creative

Earlier this month, I posted a blog about one of our Core Values – Always Responsive. After thinking about it, I realized while many of our clients (current and prospective) know about our Core Values, it may be helpful to … Read more

Reliability Is Gold (Or Even Platinum)

Photo source: Extremely Reliable is one of our Core Values here at Staples Marketing. We’ll always be there for our clients, and we’re always ready to provide great service, regardless of what the situation requires. Here’s an example of … Read more

He Only Scored 39

Photo Source: The NBA is a league full of storied rivalries and unforgettable games, and this story is pretty unforgettable. Plus, it’s a fantastic example of what it means to be ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE – one of our Core Values … Read more

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