Absolutely Positive(ly Engaging Marketing)

Welcome back to my Core Value blog! As you know, this blog series is dedicated to further explaining our Core Values – 8 characteristics our agency team strives to live through relationships with our clients and each other. Lately, we’ve placed a large focus on being Absolutely Positive:

“Being positive means staying focused and upbeat. We’re passionate about what we do and have confidence that our collective efforts WILL result in achieving success with those we partner with. There is a silver lining and we will find it.” (affirmagency.com)

On any given day, the atmosphere that fills our office is Absolutely Positive. Whether we’re meeting with a client, brainstorming new campaign concepts, discussing the most effective media mix and calendar for the newest paid media campaign, working through difficulties, team bonding over a wholesome game of Cards Against Humanity, or simply chatting in between meetings, everyone acts as a positive, yet different, addition to our team.

We’re all passionate about our industry and the success of our collaborations with clients. We want the work we produce to make a difference in our clients’ audiences’ lives. We want our messages to make people inspired, feel good, and ultimately, see the positive impact our clients have on their lives. That’s why we chose our tagline – Positively Engaging Marketing – to best represent what we do. We enjoy who we work with and, even more so, who we work for, which makes it easy to stay positive in every situation.

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