Do you know WHY your company exists?

That’s a pretty basic question when you get right down to it. If you asked 10 people, most of them would likely say it’s, “to make money.” While that certainly is one of the reasons companies exist, we know that … Read more

Turtle Power!

Photo source: One of our Core Values here at Staples Marketing that regularly proves invaluable is that we are AMAZINGLY RESOURCEFUL. The combined experience of our team gives us a huge amount of resources from which to pull solutions … Read more

Collaborate and Learn!

One of our Core Values here at Staples Marketing is that we are OPENLY COLLABORATIVE. It’s a great way to be. We work well as a team, both with our coworkers and with our clients, and it leads to the … Read more

Exceptionally Adaptable and Effective!

Source: EXCEPTIONALLY ADAPTABLE is one of our Core Values here at Staples Marketing, and it’s a trait you can see in our work. It’s a characteristic that we apply in all situations. We take a look at all of … Read more

Inspired Fun with a Twist

Source: If you read the recent post on core values by agency partner Steve Stocker, you know that one of our core values is INSPIRED FUN. This means that we love doing what we do and honestly have fun … Read more

Getting to the core – core values that is.

Earlier this year, our company began the revealing process of looking at our culture to better understand who we are and what kinds of things we stand for. Not that we didn’t have a certain way of doing things, but … Read more

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