New Year, Same AFFIRM. We’re Still Openly Collaborative.

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2017’s first installment of my Core Value blog! As we start this year, our agency’s resolution is to continue to live our Core Values with all clients, especially Openly Collaborative:

“Being collaborative means every idea is entertained. Every voice is heard. Our clients are our partners with whom we embark on a journey to overcome their challenges. When we win, we win together.” (

As I’ve mentioned, each of our clients is different. Some like to be actively involved in their marketing and advertising while others prefer to take the role of observers. Either way, we make sure to ask for, listen to, and consider each of their thoughts, opinions, and suggestions when developing their advertising campaigns and completing their projects. We want clients to know their opinions matter and that while we are the “experts,” we want to be sure they are comfortable with the end product. If a client wants to advertising via a certain medium, we will do the necessary research to determine the effectiveness of that medium in reaching their target audience. If a request is made to change the direction of our artwork, we listen to the client’s feedback to be sure the final files are in the scope of their requests.

We often say our team at AFFIRM is an extension of each of our clients’ marketing and advertising teams. We always have your best interest in mind and will work with you to plan and execute the best materials and campaigns possible to meet, and exceed, your goals.

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Danny Mager