Take it Personally

Ahh, social media. Are you on it? Personally? Take it from a kid raised in the Internet era…you should be!

Not only will it help you understand the importance of social media for your business or campaign, but it will also help you to understand how people receive information and engage via social media.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat…where to begin? Each social medium is its own little world. My suggestion is to try them all. Get yourself familiar with the basics of how they function. Have an account with each platform, or at least more than one, even if you don’t add any personal connections. Follow a celeb, athlete, publication, or place that you like, and see how the different media vary in content and audience interactions.

And, you never know…you may end up loving that you can post a crappy-picture-turned-filtered-masterpiece of your yard on Instagram, or the non-committal ease of stalking your teen on Snapchat! When you have a grip for yourself, it’s much easier to determine which platform(s) are right for your business or campaign and your target demographics.


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