We’re Always Responsive, We Promise.

Unless you’re living under a rock or haven’t visited our website or Facebook page (Ahem… facebook.com/affirmagency), you know we pride ourselves on truly living our Core Values; not only in our relationships with clients, but with each other as well. One of our most discussed Values is Always Responsive. According to our website (Ahem… affirmagency.com):

Being responsive means we treat you like our top priority. We get back to you right away. We answer your questions. We anticipate your needs before you have them. Every time.

In many ways, we’re all consumers and clients. So, it’s easy to understand the importance of responsiveness; nobody likes waiting for hours and hours to hear back from a doctor, banker, airline, lawyer, (in my case) online shopping support assistant – anyone!  That’s why we work hard to be there when you need us and, sometimes, even when you don’t. We know what it’s like to have an important question unanswered and don’t want our clients to experience that with us.

But, to be sure we can be there for clients, we need to first be there for each other. They say “it takes a village,” and our mini 16-person village works hard to ensure all questions are answered and tasks are completed in a timely manner. Emails aren’t left to rot in an “Unread” folder and calls don’t roll to voicemail. So, I guess all I really have to say is:

Dear Coworkers,

You’re awesome.

Thanks for all you do,


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