Marketing Trends to Know in 2017

2016 was a big year for digital, social, and mobile marketing, but 2017 is said to be even bigger. With 2016 on the way out and a fresh-faced 2017 on the way in, marketing trend predictions say we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

Here are the biggest 2017 marketing trends on the horizon:



Platforms that use chat such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Google, Microsoft Skype, Twitter DM, Kik, and Slack have grown wildly popular due to private messaging. That is, not everyone wants to communicate publicly anymore, but they still want to communicate instantly. Platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram have added direct message features for the same reasons; people can instantly communicate, reach virtually anybody anywhere, and get quick information, answers, and troubleshooting help via chat features/chatbots. The chat scene and chat-based marketing are anticipated to further evolve in 2017 through what are called “conversational experiences.” “These conversational experiences will bring together past revolutions in ecommerce and text services while highlighting the potential of artificial intelligence,” according to Adweek’s Kevin King.


Has your brand gone mobile? If not, it needs to. According to eMarketer, “2017 is predicted to mark a major milestone for digital advertising—for the first time, digital spending will surpass that of TV.” That’s huge. As mentioned above, online leaders such as Google are constantly finding better and faster ways to optimize user experiences on the go, literally landing ads in the palms of peoples’ hands. And where one goes, others will follow, “…in 2017, we’re going to see old dogs with new tricks in areas such as content mixed with new dogs who want to change the game all together.” This means there will be more opportunities, and more reasons, than ever to mobilize your brand in 2017.


2016 saw the rise of video in Periscope, Snapchat filters, and of course, Facebook Live. Live video continues to grow in popularity, perhaps due to the authenticity factor; you get an uninhibited view into someone else’s world with the click (or swipe) of a button. Imagine the possibilities! From live video to video ads, here are some of Forbes’ key video advertising trends expected to take over in 2017:

  •  “The future of Video Advertising is Social” – Because social media is where your consumers are! Plus, “Social video ads are particularly popular among marketers looking to expand brand awareness, as video is a highly engaging format that creates an emotional connection with the viewer and is frequently shared.”
  • “Mobile Will Create More Opportunities” – With more and more available platforms and mobile options, the opportunities to engage with customers and broader (or more targeted!) audiences are exponentially growing. In fact, four times as many consumers prefer (and take time to watch) digestible video content over text.
  • “Brands Will Communicate Via Video” – Many recent articles have discussed the effectiveness of e-newsletters, especially those with video embedded. “Newsletters with embedded videos have high open and click-through rates, and videos can be used to build consumer relationships through creative brand storytelling.”
  • “Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Will Become Mainstream” – Since the wild success of Pokemon Go, consumers are itching to get their hands on more augmented reality experiences. 360-degree videos are becoming more and more popular, and are expected to be considered the norm by the end of 2017.
  • “Video Ad Lengths Will Vary By Platform” – Though 2016 saw the demise of Vine (a micro-video platform with videos no longer than six seconds), there was also a lot of experimenting with different video lengths. “In 2017, advertisers will need to avoid a one-size-fits-all policy, gauging ad length by platform audience. They will also need to consider what they hope to achieve with the video ad. Do they want to inform or entertain? Are they introducing a new product or reminding consumers of an established brand? These factors will all impact ad length.”


While this is all so exciting and gives us a TON to look forward to, we cannot forget that it all requires effective planning and strategy. When you’re ready to plan and strategize for your brand for 2017, we’ll be ready and waiting!



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