Christmas Might Be Over, But Its Positive Effect Remains “Frozen” in Time!

This month, a good idea for a fun AFFIRM holiday greeting to our clients, vendors and other partners turned into the best team building exercise of the year. The good idea was to produce a “Holiday Mannequin Challenge” video that would accomplish a few things: showcase our newly remodeled office, highlight the individual personalities of the people working here, and provide a creative holiday greeting that would cut through the usual Christmas clutter and actually get noticed. We collaborated on a “script” for the video that featured humorous mannequin scenarios for our staff, from Laura hogging the karaoke mike (much to Dena’s chagrin) to Ryan and Mark engaging in an elfin Nerf gun fight. The biggest challenge was that all 20 people in the video (our entire 16-person crew plus some “special guests”) had to hold their mannequin poses for the entire 2+ minutes of the shoot since you never knew when the camera would pan back on you. This means that one ill-timed blink or twitch could ruin it for everyone. Well, our team pulled together and we got FOUR perfect takes, out of which we used the final one since it included the best shot selection. The final video is viewable here:
Now that Christmas is over, it’s only a matter of time before we take the AFFIRM Holiday Mannequin Challenge video down from our home page. The beneficial effects of the camaraderie and effort that was put into it, however, should last us well into the New Year!

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