Embracing the LGBTQ Community within your Company’s Advertising Tactics

The time is far gone from the stereotypical white and heterosexual family being the only family structure accepted by consumers. We want diversity and we want it now! Especially when discussing the representation of the LGBTQ community, the public is more than ready for the nuclear family to retire and for a more modern representation to step forward.

While society is pushing for this change, companies should be as well. A study of 800 people was conducted to determine the impact of LGBTQ ads on consumers, and guess what? They want more.

This study found 62% of respondents correctly recalled the advertised brand of the LGBTQ-themed commercial, 3 out of 4 of the tested LGBTQ-themed ads outperformed generic ads in brand recall, and overall respondents perceived the ad as progressive, inclusive, and caring instead of forced and intrusive, according to Adweek.

So how can you implement an LGBTQ-theme into your advertising campaign? Move beyond simply integrating the rainbow into your company’s brand: take it a step further and intertwine the LGBTQ community within your message and representation. By doing this it will feel natural and honest with your consumers. There is no such thing as “LGBTQ language” you can try and speak or throw into your commercial to check off the box. The message and intent have to be portrayed throughout the entirety. Featuring LGBTQ families in current campaigns is an easy and natural way of integrating the community into your brand’s message, and your brand can start to “create truly inclusive campaigns. Don’t over think it- just do it.”



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