Ideas to Keep Your Content Fresh

“How do you keep content fresh for social media, web, blogs, etc.?” is a question we’ve heard quite a few times. The answer is – there’s no singular answer! But there are a ton of small but mighty helpful answers…some that you might even be doing already.


  1. Provide Answers – It might seem boring, but the truth is if one person has asked a question, chances are many more have Googled that same question – (meaning answering it could be your key to increased traffic!) so go ahead and provide an answer! Have your team come up with a list of FAQs they’ve received in the past, and you’ll have a whole treasure trove of fresh content options. (Case in point: this post!)
  2. Go BTS – Give outsiders an inside look at what you do, whether it’s a photo in your workspace, a boomerang from your company outing, or a quick how-to. If you check out our Instagram page @affirmagency, you’ll see that we create a lot of posts about what’s happening around the office. This provides another incentive for people to follow us somewhere other than our website, Facebook, ads, etc. It’s a great way to show that at the end of the day, we’re just real people doing what we love.
  3. What’s Working? What’s not? – With any social media or web outlet nowadays, there are generally built-in analytics, or easily accessible apps, that make it easy to see how your posts and content have been performing. Use these tools! They provide insight into when and where people are spending their time.
  4. Share Other Relative Content – I know I have shared this before, but it’s really key to pay attention to what’s happening in your industry…specifically, what your industry leaders are up to. Take note of what and how often they’re sharing content, and follow suit.
  5. Do a Series – Whether it’s weekly, monthly, or possibly daily, a series is a great way to keep audiences engaged and coming back for more. For example, we recently completed a #throwback series where we would ask people to guess the baby/old photo of an employee. Linking to a popular hashtag means bonus reach!
  6. Do a Poll, Contest, or Giveaway – Simply asking people to answer a question, take a poll, tag a friend, click “like” if they relate, are great ways to get your audience engaged. If you decide on a giveaway, be sure to clearly state terms and conditions…and actually follow through with giving that stuff away.
  7. When in Doubt, Meme it Out! – Nothing says “we’re fun!” like a custom meme. If you think your audience would react well to some fun and humorous content, a meme might be just the way to go. Grab one that’s relevant and pair it with a snappy caption, or create your own (in good taste, of course)!


The next time you need to come up with content that will leave your audience wanting more, try one of these ideas. If you’re in need of engaging content, give us a shout! We’ll be glad to help you get to Positively Engaging Marketing.

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