Reconnecting with Old Friends is Good For You and, Sometimes, Good for Business!

One of the many benefits of Facebook is that it offers the opportunity for reconnections with old friends under the right circumstances. For me, those circumstances are often business opportunities that require me to travel to cities where old friends happen to live.

Twice in the past three months, I’ve messaged these friends through Facebook, letting them know when I’d be traveling and wondering if they’d like to get together to reconnect. Happily, both situations led to fun get-togethers at cool locations in their cities and one resulted in an active business partnership on a campaign AFFIRM was conducting. This was never the plan and, like things should be among friends, happened organically with no pressure.

I’ve truly enjoyed being able to reconnect with great people and will continue to always check to see if my social media contacts can lead to renewed interactions with old friends whenever my job takes me to a market I haven’t been to before!

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