Post-game Ad Roundup

The first topic in our weekly all-staff meeting this morning was, of course, Super Bowl ads! When asked for favorites, responses included “Melissa McCarthy!” “Honda!” “Audi!” and “Justin Timberlake!” (my fav for life). So, let’s get right down to business – the following 10 ads came in at the tops of lists all across the Interweb. Be sure to comment with any of your favorites that weren’t included!


Kia’s “Hero’s Journey” featuring Melissa McCarthy:


Honda’s creative, funny, touching “Yearbooks”:



Audi’s empowering “Daughter” boasting their commitment to ‘equal pay for equal work’:


Budweiser’s all-American “Born the Hard Way”:


Mr. Clean’s “Cleaner of your Dreams”:


It’s a 10’s “Four Years” indirectly poked fun at Mr. President’s hair:


Coca-Cola brought back their 2014 “It’s Beautiful” spot, in light of the president’s controversial immigration ban:


Tide tricked us all into thinking we were watching real-time footage, featuring Terry Bradshaw, in “Bradshaw Stain”:


Bai’s “Gentlemen” features Christopher Walken quoting NSYNC next to Justin Timberlake:


84 Lumber’s emotional “The Entire Journey” about a mother and a daughter becoming legal American citizens. The spot was so controversial that it had to be split into two parts – one airing during the Super Bowl and the other available online. Here’s the full film:


Honorable mention for Hyundai, because they made me cry:

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