AFFIRM’s Top Super Bowl Ads of 2023

The Super Bowl is routinely watched by over 100 million viewers every year, and many people tune in specifically for the ads. At AFFIRM Agency, we’re not afraid to admit that the only thing we enjoy more than watching the big game itself are the advertisements! This year we saw some exciting celebrity cameos and innovative ideas that caught our attention, and as is tradition, we wanted to share a few ads with you that we felt stood out among the rest. Here are AFFIRM’s top Super Bowl ads of 2023!

Pop Corners: Breaking Bad

Pop Corners reunited the legendary duo of Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul to reprise their characters from the TV show ‘Breaking Bad.’ The ad shows Cranston and Paul reenacting recognizable scenes from the show, only they’ve (thankfully) swapped out meth for Pop Corners chips. We even see a cameo from fan favorite villain Tuco Salamanca, played by actor Raymond Cruz. Breaking Bad’s last episode received a whopping 10.3 million in viewership, a record at the time in 2013, and it’s a smart move to bring back a show people are nostalgic about to advertise a product. This ad also helps elevate visibility for a brand that may be overshadowed by other larger players in the space like Doritos.

Watch the full Pop Corners: Breaking Bad spot here

Tubi: Interface Interruption

Tubi took a play out of Coinbase’s playbook from last year with their creative, disruptive ad. This ad tricked people into thinking somebody in their household was sitting on the remote by opening a fake TV menu and switching the interface to Tubi. Like the Coinbase ad from last year, this ad was simple in concept, yet different enough to catch the attention of viewers and start online discussion. This is the mark of effective advertising, and Tubi was successful at making an impression.

Watch the full Tubi: Interface Interruption spot here

Pepsi: Great Acting or Great Taste?

Like in years past, Pepsi used a popular celebrity to act as a spokesperson for their brand in their Super Bowl ad. Ben Stiller shows off his acting skills in different scenes including an alien fight, a proposal, and a sci-fi scene. He also reprises his character from the movie ‘Zoolander’ at the end for an element of nostalgia. This ad is interesting because Stiller states at the beginning that his job as an actor is getting people to believe what he’s doing is real, and when he drinks a sip of Pepsi at the end, he questions the audience asking them if they thought he really enjoyed it. Pepsi allows Ben Stiller to present an unfiltered version of himself in the ad, something that will likely resonate better in an age where audiences place importance on authenticity in advertising.

Watch the full Pepsi: Great Acting or Great Taste? spot here

Heineken 0.0: Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania – Now You Can, Before Saving the Day!

Let’s be honest – Non-alcoholic beer can be a tough sell to those who enjoy drinking. However, Heineken subverts this challenge effectively with an ad featuring Paul Rudd as Ant Man in the popular Marvel movie franchise. They make the point that you can choose Heineken 0.0 any time, even before work, since it’s alcohol-free. Making a strong point using an actor people love in one of his most notable roles was a smart way for Heineken to get real with people about the benefits of non-alcoholic beer they may not immediately think about.

Watch the full Pepsi: Great Acting or Great Taste? spot here

Wisconsin DHS: Here to Support You

We may be a little biased on this one, but we do believe that the 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline ad from Wisconsin Department of Health Services was one of the best ads that ran during the Super Bowl. This ad ran in all Wisconsin markets to spread awareness about 988 and let people know that the service allows them to call, text, or chat 24/7 to speak with trained lifeline counselors. As a relatively new service, an ad during the Super Bowl brings more visibility to 988 and provides valuable education that could save someone’s life. For this reason, we had to include this as one of our favorite 2023 Super Bowl ads.  

Watch the full Wisconsin DHS: Here to Support You spot here

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