You’ve Got Skills – Use ‘Em!

Every day you are learning something new or are refining a skill already acquired on the job. Transform that skillset for use outside of the office and it’ll be even more valuable! You’re a  good communicator? Start up a blog! You thrive as a part of a team? Join a softball league! Have excellent organizational skills? Head a community fundraiser!

As a creative member at AFFIRM, I recently put my creative skillset to work on a project outside of my typical day to day. The skills incorporated included:

  • Teamwork
  • Analytical and problem-solving skills
  • Technical proficiency
  • Adaptability and Learning skills


The Project: Create a sign for my sister-in-law’s Bridal Shower!


Step 1: Choose materials. Katie in our office had some scrap cedar wood she was willing to donate to the project – Teamwork!

Step 2: Cut the wood into an appropriate size and screw the boards together – Problem Solving Skills!

IMG 6701 Blog 1

Step 3: Design and layout of fonts. Cut out the individual letters to create a stencil. – Technical Proficiency!

IMG 6703 Blog 2

Step 4: Fill in letters with acrylic paint. It didn’t turn out as crisp as I would have preferred. So, I followed-up with a second coat using a fine point correction pen. – Adaptability and Learning Skills!

IMG 6704 Blog 3IMG 6709 blog 4

Step 5: Project completed!

IMG 6708 Blog 5


We all have adaptable, valuable skills. Whatever yours are, put ‘em to use!

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