AFFIRM Introduces The DISTRACTOR in New Wisconsin DOT Distracted Driving Commercials

(Pewaukee, Wis…May 3, 2016) AFFIRM and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation have launched a new creative advertising campaign focused on the dangers of distracted driving and the fact that texting while driving is only one of many dangerous distractions people engage in while on the road.

The campaign, which launched during National Distracted Driving Awareness Month in April, features a dangerously funny anti-hero called The DISTRACTOR. Literally an embodiment of drivers’ consciences, The DISTRACTOR appears in the vehicle just as drivers are contemplating doing something that will distract them while driving such as eating, drinking, and applying make-up. The DISTRACTOR eggs them on , ultimately leading to a ticket, car crash, or worse.

The DISTRACTOR’s custom-made costume is covered in items that distract drivers: coffee, soda, burger, bagel, French fries, toothbrush, make-up, hairbrush, hair dryer, cellphone, map, and even a selfie stick. Franne Lee, a Tony and Emmy Award-winning costume designer now residing in Madison, Wisconsin designed this unique creation. Lee also worked as a designer for Saturday Night Live during its first five years of production, designing costumes for some of  its best-known characters including the Coneheads, the Blues Brothers, and the Killer Bees.

The DISTRACTOR TV commercials can be viewed at

“We are extremely excited to have had the opportunity to partner with Wisconsin DOT for this campaign,” said AFFIRM Account Executive, Amy Opad, “Distracted driving is a growing problem and it is important to generate awareness of other distractions aside from texting. The DISTRACTOR is a unique, fun way to get that message across using a humorous appeal that will hopefully help us to achieve the State’s vision of zero preventable deaths on Wisconsin roadways.”

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