Don't text and drive distracted driving

Apple’s New Feature Fights Distracted Driving

You’re driving, your phone buzzes, you see it’s a text and you reach down for it… even though you’re going 70+ MPH down the freeway, coffee in hand. We all have cell phones, we’ve all done it, and although we … Read more


Did you know that nowadays at LEAST 1 in 4 accidents involve distracted driving? In 2014, there were 22,194 crashes related to distracted driving. That’s one crash every 20 minutes in Wisconsin alone! (Check out this site for more.) April … Read more

AFFIRM Introduces The DISTRACTOR in New Wisconsin DOT Distracted Driving Commercials

(Pewaukee, Wis…May 3, 2016) AFFIRM and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation have launched a new creative advertising campaign focused on the dangers of distracted driving and the fact that texting while driving is only one of many dangerous distractions people … Read more

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