Maximize Your Social Media Engagement

Social media is the ever-growing, ever-changing (friendly and often helpful) beast. With so many different platforms, and new technology always on the horizon, how do you ensure you’re getting the most out of your posts? How do you effectively engage with your designated audience?

Here are some general tips for posting for max engagement:

  • Stay Active – Staying active on social media you plan to use is crucial. To best reach your audience, you need to know how it all works, what is/isn’t working, and what’s upcoming. Facebook, for instance, is constantly changing up its algorithm, meaning the content displayed in users’ newsfeeds is constantly changing. This week might be live video, next week might be the new Facebook job posting feature. The only way to know what’s out there is to be out there exploring for yourself.
  • Follow Industry Leaders – Following major companies and pros in your industry is a great secret weapon for content direction. They’ll already have done all the research on what is/isn’t working, and they’ll know what’s driving this week’s engagement, so keep an eye on them. Plus, following the top dogs will up your chances of interacting with those leaders, which can greatly further your reach and engagement opportunities.
  • Keep it Short and Sweet – The posts that tend to get the most engagement are videos, images, and SHORT FORM text posts (that’s 50 or fewer characters, according to Sprout Social). Period. End of story.
  • Use What’s Worked in the Past – It’s so, so important to pay attention to what has worked for you, and what hasn’t. Make note, keep a chart, and/or use analytics tools. This is the best way to figure out the tried-and-true that works, and that will work, for you. Most social media platforms have integrated analytics right into their user tools. And if they haven’t gotten that far, or you want one place that will cover all in one spot, there are programs that will analyze for you (check out Sprout Social, Hootsuite, or Buffer).


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