How to Stay Active at Work

“AHH! Summer is almost here!” – Me every single morning when it’s nearly light outside before my 6am workout. Seriously, it’s amazing and I’m almost positive everyone is as excited as I am for sunshine, barbeques, and all the outdoor activities you can imagine; after all, suns out, guns out, right?!

While summer is (in my opinion) the best season to stay active, what happens when you’re stir crazy at the office? Here are a few of my tried and trues:

  • Use your breaks as walking time! I try to get in a quick mile every day after lunch.
  • Go to the faaaaaaaaar away restroom. Ours is upstairs so steps + stairs = win/win!
  • Work at a standing desk. You’d be surprised by how active you’re inclined to be when you’re already standing.
  • Walk, don’t call or email. Talking to your coworkers face-to-face is better anyway!
  • Stretch at your desk. Your muscles will thank you later.
  • Start a challenge! Can you get more steps or active minutes in a week than your coworkers? After all, a little competition never hurt anyone. 🙂

Good luck!

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