Getting to Know Affirm – Part 2

If you could have one superpower for a day, what would you choose? Would you want to fly or be invisible? What about super-strength? The ability to slow down time right before a big deadline? Here’s what everyone at Affirm would choose:

Ryan: I would have the power of flight

Danny: Invisibility. You could really get a lot done for the good guys if no one can see you!

Karissa: I would be able to read minds. I could learn so much about people!

Katie: Teleportation. I’d save so much money on airplane tickets!

Josh: Flight. Unless I have the option to do flight half the time and breathe underwater half the time.  That would be ideal, but flight is still pretty good.

Erik: Teleportation.

Amy: I would have teleportation. I hate sitting in traffic and driving. It takes too long!

Cathy: If it’s only one day, I guess I’d go for super smarts. Then I can go back to knowing absolutely nothing the next day.

Roe: I guess it would be fun to fly…over traffic to get places quickly and travel inexpensively.

Traci: I would time travel. Just think of all the work I could get done!

Laura: I would have the ability to grant endless amounts of wishes…

Rick: I don’t know that it’s a super power because all you really need is a DeLorean, but the ability to time travel would be pretty sweet.

Steve: As cool as it would be to fly or have super human strength, I would want it to have the super power of being an omni-linguist; or the power to instantly speak and understand any language fluently.

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