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Inspired Fun (aka AFFIRM Antics)

Congratulations; you made it to the last installment of my Core Value blog! Our last, and my favorite (because how could it not be?!), Core Value is Inspired Fun: “Being inspired means that we work together to change the way … Read more

American Baseball

Getting to Know AFFIRM – Part 6

For the Milwaukee Brewers, choosing a walk-up song is big deal. As a player, your walk up song should provide a window into your personality, get the crowd pumped up, and make you want to hit the ball (hopefully!) out … Read more



As I’m sure many of our readers know, AFFIRM’s Core Values are the basis from which our company exists. We live our Core Values through relationships with clients, vendors, partners, and, most importantly, each other. One of these core values … Read more


Getting to Know Affirm – Part 2

If you could have one superpower for a day, what would you choose? Would you want to fly or be invisible? What about super-strength? The ability to slow down time right before a big deadline? Here’s what everyone at Affirm … Read more

Inspired Fun with a Twist

Source: If you read the recent post on core values by agency partner Steve Stocker, you know that one of our core values is INSPIRED FUN. This means that we love doing what we do and honestly have fun … Read more

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