Advertising in the Digital Age

Nearly every advertising article I’ve read recently has stemmed from a central theme – advertising in the digital age. Everyone has their opinion on if, where, and when advertisers should be online. As a Millennial (I’m part of the 40% Emma mentioned!), my opinion may be a bit skewed since I’ve grown up with incredible advances in technology, but I’d like to think that provides me with a unique perspective. So, here are my two (or five) cents:

  • IF: Should advertisers be online? To put it simply, YES. Since most everyone has access to the Internet or to someone who can help them navigate the WWW, there is virtually no audience you can’t reach online.
  • WHERE: Where you’ll advertise depends on where your audience spends the most time. Luckily, with the introduction of hypertargeting, you can sit back, relax, and reach your audience ANYWHERE. Rather than limiting advertisers to certain sites, hypertargeting allows you to target a specific demo based on their online habits.
  • WHEN: When you’ll advertise depends on what you’re providing. If your service or product is only available certain times of the year, month, week, or day, you may want to consider a program that allows you to reach your audience during those hours (for example, one of our clients is an Urgent Care clinic with specific hours, so their Google AdWords ads only run during their hours of operation). If you’d like to increase general brand awareness, WHEN you advertise isn’t quite as vital – you just want to be sure you’re hitting the peak activity hours (again, dependent on your target audience!).

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