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The other day, I was Googling “when to take vitamins” (just bear with my nerdiness here for a min.), when Google politely suggested “when to take vitamins infographic”. Of course I clicked on it!

“There’s an infographic for everything!” I exclaimed in my head, as I fell down Google’s infographic rabbit hole. Where did they come from? When did they blow up? Why do they just make so much sense?

People LOVE infographics, and you can find them on just about any topic. The modern day infographic, the kind you see all over Pinterest, came in to “digital vogue” around 2008-09.

What makes them so magnetizing? Simply put, they take useful information and visualize it. As this Forbe’s article said, “While not appropriate or useful for all types of content, infographics can add valuable context to existing stories by using visuals to show relationships in data, anatomy, hierarchy, chronology, and geography. The written word simply does not afford us immediate clarity in these areas.”


See exhibit A. 


However, no matter how visually pleasing, we can’t forget about the ever-important content aspect. “Without compelling content, you are left chasing novelty from one trend to another. While this can be effective from time to time, it is ultimately a losing battle. Brands and marketers should stop talking about what’s next, and focus instead on what makes all content good. The result, regardless of format, will provide value long after the buzz has worn off.”


Infographics may still get me every time, but at least I come out the other side having retained some knowledge. Next time you just want a summary, or need to understand a topic quickly, add “infographic” to the end of your search and watch the magic happen. You might even get some inspiration, and have clients who will thank you for it.

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