5 Tips to Help You Become a More Data Driven Marketer

Data driven marketing is a strategy that focuses on collecting information on data and trends to drive marketing decisions. This strategy helps marketers reach the target audiences they want by incorporating the needs, desires, and behaviors of the target audience into the marketing strategy. Using audience data to build a marketing strategy also increases budget efficiency and improves overall campaign performance. If you’re feeling lost on where to get started; the experts at AFFIRM Agency have some helpful tips to help you become a data driven marketer.

Tip #1: Conduct research on your audience

Without accurate audience data, it’s impossible to be a data driven marketer. Learning about your target audience starts with conducting comprehensive research. Explore websites like Google Analytics to find out about audience behaviors, including what they care about. You can also glean information from monitoring the analytics of the social media platforms you’re active on to find information about your audience. AFFIRM Agency’s media and social media teams use marketing research and social media listening software to learn and collect data on audiences to help clients build targeted campaigns.

Tip #2: Set goals and objectives for campaigns

Setting goals and objectives before starting a campaign is a crucial step in becoming a data driven marketer. Having a plan for how you will measure campaign success will ensure that you are able to evaluate ROI after the campaign completes. It’s also good practice to set performance benchmarks for your campaign to help you determine if a campaign is successful or not. Depending on your budget range for a particular campaign, you may want to consider different goals in the future. The AFFIRM experts can help advise you on how to set realistic goals for campaigns.

Tip #3: Personalize your campaigns

Once you get to know your audience you’ll be able to find opportunities to personalize your campaigns. According to Slideshare, 80% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that provides a tailored experience. The same logic applies regardless of what your campaign objective is. Your audience wants to feel like you understand their likes and dislikes, and letting data drive the decisions you make will show your audience that you do understand. Use the data you’ve gathered to inform the content of your marketing message from the top down.

Tip #4: Retarget the people you reach with your campaigns

Retargeting digital and social media campaigns allows you to deliver ads to people that have already shown interest in your products and services. Tools like Google Adwords, Meta Ads Manager, and LinkedIn Campaign Manager give you the opportunity to build highly targeted lists of individuals who are most likely to take the desired campaign action. Retargeting also helps you stay in touch with people who are most engaged with your business.

Tip #5: Monitor campaign performance and ROI

Here’s where goal setting is very useful. When you conclude your campaign, look at the performance analytics to see how they match up with the initial goals you set. Did you exceed or miss your goals? If you missed your goals, then you may not be using the right strategies and tactics to reach your audience. At AFFIRM Agency, tracking performance against initial campaign goals is how evaluate successes and areas for improvement for campaigns.

Do you need help getting started with measuring the effectiveness of your marketing efforts? Partner with the AFFIRM Agency experts to find strategies and tactics that are just right for you and your business. Reach out to us at info@affirmagency.com and our team will be in touch.

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