Is Traditional Marketing Still Relevant?

In short, the answer is yes.

With today’s technology, we’re often quick to assume that online ads are the only way to reach people. But there’s still value in radio and TV commercials, print and newspaper ads, billboards, and mail. Here are three reasons why implementing marketing strategies via traditional media can work for your brand:

  • It’s accessible – Consumers still pass by billboards, turn on the radio in the car, receive mail, and watch TV (Nielson ratings are still a thing)! Traditional media can be easily accessed by almost everyone and help increase brand awareness.
  • Reaches target audience – For those who rely on traditional media – such as the older generations – radio ads, TV commercials and mail flyers are the most effective way to reach them. Traditional marketing can also reach a local audience in a specific geographic area.
  • Credibility – In a time where we have to filter through #fakenews, traditional media outlets are seen as trusted sources. Information shared by newspapers, magazines (not tabloids), and radio stations is considered to be credible.
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