Fleeting Inspiration

For no more than one week per year, the two crabapple trees outside my office bloom spectacularly. For the other 51 weeks, they’re either skeletal shrubs with dead fruit that even the birds won’t eat or unkempt looking green trees that mix in with the rest of the foliage. But around this time in May, they’re flowering firecrackers. As you can see in the photo, their petals are snow white and they smell sweetly fragrant. On the precious days they’re in bloom, I like to keep my blinds open all day even if that means being blinded by the afternoon sun in my western facing office. These trees inspire me in different ways. I find that looking at them helps me to be more creative in my work conceiving and writing advertising. Maybe it’s their zen beauty. They’re also a sign that summer can’t be too far away, which in Wisconsin means a few weeks of beautiful weather (hopefully!). But, by the time summer is officially here, these trees will have shed their spring jewelry for a more mundane appearance. And that’s why I never take this one week of blooming beauty for granted!

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