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Visual Note-Taking

Recently, at the 2017 HOW Design Conference, an illustrator named Mike Rohde led a workshop called “Sketchnotes.” This is not just doodling, but it can also be used as a way to make more memorable shorthand notes that keep you … Read more

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Inspired Fun (aka AFFIRM Antics)

Congratulations; you made it to the last installment of my Core Value blog! Our last, and my favorite (because how could it not be?!), Core Value is Inspired Fun: “Being inspired means that we work together to change the way … Read more



As I’m sure many of our readers know, AFFIRM’s Core Values are the basis from which our company exists. We live our Core Values through relationships with clients, vendors, partners, and, most importantly, each other. One of these core values … Read more

Fleeting Inspiration

For no more than one week per year, the two crabapple trees outside my office bloom spectacularly. For the other 51 weeks, they’re either skeletal shrubs with dead fruit that even the birds won’t eat or unkempt looking green trees … Read more

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