Brainstorm: an ancient word, which means, “to storm the brain”……….or something like that. Brainstorming done right can be a very useful tool for ideation. Whether you’re ‘storming alone or with a group, here are a few tips for your next session:


Why brainstorm?

  1. NEW ideas! It’s like that old saying, humans are like snowflakes…none of us are exactly the same (but we’re all COOL!). Haha…but seriously. Everyone will bring something different to the table, and it’s fun to bounce ideas off each other and see where things go.
  2. Grow existing ideas. You might have an idea that’s not fully developed, or you’re not sure where to take it. Sharing the idea with someone else can offer a new perspective, allowing ideas to turn into more developed concepts, and grow big and strong!
  3. Big ideas. As soon as the fountain of ideas starts flowing, people get excited and start thinking outside of the box. You may not always be able to execute on big ideas to the full extent (depending on client/timing/budget), but even if you get to execute on a smaller-scale version, it’s exciting and something original!
  4. Eureka! Ever have an idea that you’re just kind of stuck on? Waiting for that aha! moment to pop into your brain? Brainstorming can help you break through blocks. For me, a visual brainstorm is extremely helpful in these cases.


How to brainstorm?

  1. First and foremost: when brainstorming alone, or sharing ideas you’ve generated with others, GO IN WITH AN OPEN MIND. I can’t stress this enough. Everyone comes up with ideas that they feel are great, and whether they’re totally applicable or not, give them a chance. Which brings me to my next point…
  2. Open your ears and listen. Like, really listen…listen to understand, because you never know where someone else’s ideas will take yours!
  3. No ideas are stupid ideas when you’re brainstorming. Blurt them out, write them down, or throw them in your pocket for a later date…you might be able to use one in the future for something else!
  4. In the end, be realistic. Ideas are great, but a final product needs backup. At this point, you’ll probably already have a project plan and/or budget in place, so stay within your means.


May many ideas storm your brain in the days to come!


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