AFFIRM’s Social Media Predictions for 2024

Most brands and companies have widely embraced social media as a key area of focus for their plans and strategies in 2024, and it’s important to stay ahead of the curve to get the most return from social media marketing efforts. This means being in the know about changes in the world of social media, from the content itself, to AI moderation, paid capabilities, and more. The experts of AFFIRM Agency compiled the most important current social media marketing trends for you to consider as you refine your social media plan in 2024.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI has become a much bigger part of the social media world than anyone could have anticipated two years ago. From ad content moderation to support with copywriting,  AI is a powerful tool that can save social marketers time and energy. AI is only set to grow in importance in 2024, as Google President Sean Downey told HubSpot, “In 2024, the biggest marketing trends will center around the possibilities of AI.” AI will continue to serve as an effective assistant for brainstorming ideas, writing copy, and generating images, and 63% of marketers surveyed by HubSpot agree that most content in the upcoming year will be created at least in part with the help of generative AI. However, while 81% of advertisers that use AI say it has had a positive impact on their work, 42% of consumers are apprehensive about using it in some situations, especially with social media replies, according to the Sprout Social Index. Balance is the key when it comes to utilizing AI to fine-tune your social marketing operations while maintaining consumer trust.


Stemming from concerns over AI, it’s more important this year than ever for brands to maintain a non-automated, human identity. Consumers are already on the lookout for content that feels, sounds, or looks AI-generated and are much less likely to engage with or trust brands that they perceive as inauthentic. In 2024, it’s essential for social media marketers to combine promotional content with direct interaction to boost confidence and engagement. Replying to comments and direct messages across platforms gives consumers a human voice to rely on. According to the Sprout Index, 76% of users notice and appreciate when companies prioritize customer support.

Short-Form Video

You guessed it: Short-form video content will continue to be essential to successful social marketing in 2024. As in previous years, mastering short-form video is the most effective way to increase a brand’s standing with younger generations. With increasing usage in Facebook Reels, short-form video is now becoming popular with older generations as well. HubSpot identifies short-form video as the #1 social content marketing format overall, and 56% of advertisers are already using short-form video to increase their reach and engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. By tailoring visual content to be snappy, attention-grabbing, and informative, companies can showcase their personality on social media.

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