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This time of year, it’s pretty normal to hear the question: “How can I help?” It’s a question our parents made us ask our friends and relatives when arriving at their homes for holiday get-togethers as kids, but it’s an important question for adults, too. “Thanks, we’re all set!” is the response you’ll get more often than not, but once in a while you will be asked to chop onions, set the table, get the baby away from the dog food, etc.

“How can I help?” is courteous when you’re a guest in someone’s home, but it’s an important question for life in general, too. This time of year, many of us are fortunate in that we can get together with our friends and families to enjoy a nice meal, gifts, and so on. Not everyone is so fortunate.

That’s why, this time of year, I always encourage people to take a little time to ask “How can I help?” in a more comprehensive way. There are people all around us that could use a warm meal or even just people to enjoy it with. As the winter starts to move in, a warm coat and some gloves are important to have, too.

There are a million ways that you can help others make their holidays better, if not special. A quick Google search of food pantries and shelters in your area will find you plenty of worthy recipients for your time, money, and even physical items like food, toys or clothing (especially outerwear). If the huge number of options gets overwhelming, feel free to drop me a line, and I’ll be happy to recommend some of the organizations that our staff and I contribute to!

Do as you are able, but don’t feel you need to do more than you’re able. Every little bit helps. If you find that giving back a little this holiday season takes exactly zero skin off your nose, then feel free to continue helping as you see fit in January, February and beyond!

Thank you all for reading, and from all of us, have a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

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