Who are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?

Borrowing a refrain from The Who, ask yourself the same question about your company. Why? Your customers really wanna know. Your customers won’t know unless you know. What is your mission? Your promise? What do you deliver? What are your values? How do you treat employees? Clients? Vendors?

If you are having a hard time answering those questions, imagine what it’s like for your customers. While it may sound silly to work hard at defining and sharing your identity, it’s at the heart of the success of your business.  At Staples Marketing, we have spent a little more than a year asking ourselves those same questions, and finding a great deal of value in the answers. We are taking our own advice and our own medicine, and it’s good for us.

Why do you care about this? Well, if you’re a client, our soul-searching is likely to make our service to you even better, our vision clearer, and more consistent. If you’re not yet a client, you might be interested in seeing how this process works.

We’ll keep you posted – lots of new things to share in the next few weeks.

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