The Case for Cause Marketing

In a live filmed stunt, Burger King filmed a social experiment in a restaurant highlighting the issue of the Pink Tax, or in this spot, the Chick Tax. Female customers in the restaurant were charged significantly more for the exact same item than their male counterparts. The commercial truly highlights how companies in the 21st century strive to be known for advocating for change.

When the female customers objected to the difference in price, the restaurant employee explains the upcharge is due to the item being packaged in a cute pink box, as the chicken illustrated has a bow and eyelashes. After the jig was up, Burger King employees made the comparison of women shopping at the drug store and not thinking twice about shelling out more for their razors or deodorant.

The fast food giant partnered with Ax the Pink Tax to show the disparity in how much everyday items for women are marked up.

Not only is the Pink Tax a notable issue by itself for marketers to pay attention to, but also noting the power of cause marketing. In 2017, Burger King used a similar tactic to draw attention to bullying, partnering with Utilizing a social experiment-like commercial to publicize important causes reflects today’s attitude of corporate responsibility. Today’s audiences want to hear about how a company is bettering society, not just how they want people to buy their product or service.

According to Cause Good, when a customer is choosing between two brands which are equal in quality and price, nine out of ten shoppers are likely to switch to a “cause branded” product. Not only should companies be making efforts to integrate a cause marketing strategy for the benefit of business and profitability, but also because they have the power to make a difference in communities.

Burger King’s impactful and thought-provoking campaign illustrates how impertinent it is for brands to look for opportunities to show their human side.

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