(August 19, 2019) Your Choice to Live ( an Oconomowoc non-profit that specializes in drug and alcohol abuse education and awareness, especially among youth, recently launched the online version of its live “Wake Up Call” tour. “Wake Up Call” is aimed at helping parents, educators and others learn about the unsuspecting locations where young people may hide drugs or alcohol.  AFFIRM helped to plan, develop, program and launch the Wake Up Call website at with content provided by Your Choice to Live.

The “Wake-Up Call” website is open to adults age 21 or older and features an interactive quiz in which parents, educators, and other community members “tour” different areas of a young person’s bedroom and try to identify commonly-found items where young people may hide drugs or alcohol. Quiz results reveal all the items, along with information on how the items are used for concealment. The site also provides access to a wide range of resources regarding youth substance abuse through the Your Choice to Live website.  

This project highlights AFFIRM’s expertise in social behavior-change marketing, especially with regard to substance abuse prevention. In addition to “Wake Up Call,” the agency helped create and has now implemented the DOSE OF REALITY opioid abuse prevention campaign in seven states, as well as methamphetamine (KNOW METH) and drunk driving prevention campaigns in the state of Wisconsin.

“We are so happy with the launch of this meaningful project,” said Vice President of Client Services and Public Relations Laura Monagle. “As a mom of two young people, I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Your Choice to Live to help other parents. Education is prevention, and this organization is so dedicated. We hope that all adults come away from this website better informed, and if help is needed, the resources are there to find it,” Monagle concluded.

Adults 21 or older can request the password, and then log in to take the “Wake Up Call” quiz at Requests for the live “Wake Up Call” tour can be made by contacting Your Choice to Live

About Your Choice to Live

Your Choice to Live, Inc. is a 501©(3) non-profit organization established in 2012 by the Lybert family after their son struggled for many years with a drug addiction. The Lybert’s began sharing their family story of the struggles of addiction in order to help others navigate similar situations. The organization now provides programs and presentations in Wisconsin and the Midwest to provide awareness, prevention education, resources and support to youth, parents, schools and communities in regard to alcohol and drug use.

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