Getting to Know AFFIRM 2.0

Do you remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?

While being a part of this amazing ad agency has connected my co-workers and me for the time being, I wondered if working in advertising was always the dream job of those working around me. So I asked my co-workers to think back to a time when our imaginations were their wildest and share what their dreams were when growing up. I think you’ll be surprised by what your favorite ad agency workers dreamed of being as kids..

Meaghan: For YEARS I had my heart set on being a Radio City Music Hall Rockette, it could have been a possibility had I grown another 2 inches. (Requirement is to be at least 5’6”)

Amy: I wanted to be a personal shopper

Mark: I always wanted to be an architect, and specialize in building houses that resembled medieval castles.

Traci: I’ve always wanted to be a designer, but my first dream job in third grade was to be a Jewelry Designer!

Ryan: A veterinarian

Dena: A teacher. My parents were teachers, so my siblings and I would always play “school” with the number of school supplies we had around the house.

Cathy: A chef *

Karissa: Pick ‘n’ Save grocery girl. That’s not a joke. Thankfully, I now have much bigger hopes and dreams for myself.

Rick: Either a lawyer or a baseball player. So you can clearly see how I ended up in marketing.

Emma: I always wanted to do something creative with writing…or be a Spice Girl.

Danny: To play first base for the New York Yankees

Laura: Growing up, my dream job was to be a jockey, just like Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet.

Steve: A doctor

*Author’s note: While Cathy is the best Media Director around, HER PIES ARE TO DIE FOR

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