Don’t Be Scary

Spiders, heights, and public speaking – oh, my! Or maybe it’s enclosed spaces, dogs, and the dentist’s office. For me, it’s centipedes and… [deep breath]… clowns. Everybody has at least one terrible personal fear, but there are things that scare us professionally and as consumers, as well.

Thousands of area businesses have websites these days, and many utilize social media, too. While it’s important to have these outlets to engage with prospective and current customers, it’s equally important to use these tools wisely. For customers, a sloppy online presentation is like spiders, public speaking, and clowns all rolled into one – SCARY!

How do you make sure you’re not scaring away business? Start by covering the basics:

– Spelling

– Punctuation

– Grammar

– Nice-looking pictures

It’s not that error-free copy is so impressive. It’s just that copy errors can be very off-putting. Save the text message language for text messages (unless they’re business-related texts).

The same goes for pictures. A photo of your company’s mascot can make for a good first impression, unless it’s blurry, pixelated, or has a big “PROOF” watermark in the middle of it. Find some nice pictures of your business, or better yet, hire someone who knows what they’re doing to take some new ones.

Also, keep your information current. You wouldn’t submit a résumé with nothing but your high school babysitting and lawn mowing gigs listed, would you? Your contact information, list of employees and clients, and case studies should all reflect what’s happening at your business right now. Make updates as often as they happen, not as often as you feel like doing them.

If you struggle with these types of things, we’ll be happy to help. Our writers and graphic artists are serious about quality presentation, and they can help you to put your best (and least scary) face forward!

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