Getting To Know AFFIRM 2.0

After recently adopting the most perfect pup, it’s a no brainer that this be the Getting to Know AFFIRM 2.0: 4-Legged Friend Edition. Have a look at AFFIRM’s furry friends!



This is Mia, my 8 month old American White German Shepherd. She loves belly rubs, and her favorite chew toys are her rawhide bones and anything that squeaks!




I have 7, one-year old pet birds:

Celeste – Black Australorp

Ginger – Buff Orpington

Ruby – Rhode Island Red

Peanut & Stella – Ameracauna

Rosie – Silver Laced Wyandotte

Brownie – Welsummer

Fun Fact: They poop while they sleep and can devour a whole watermelon in 5 minutes flat.




This is my kitty, Shadow. She’s a Maine Coon, a large, friendly breed. Shadow does not like to disclose her age (12) because she still acts like a kitten. She likes to watch Friends at night. Once it’s over, she leaves the room. When we go out of town, our daughter will come over in the evening and put the TV on timer so she can watch an episode or two. She also comes when called.




Name: Bingo

Type/Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

Age: 10 on Sept. 1st

Fun Fact: Bingo has two layers of thick fur so his dander is contained. Thus, people who are allergic to regular short-hair cats are not allergic to furry Norwegian Forest Cats!




This is Eli, who is about 7 years old. His favorite toys are crumpled up pipe cleaners and my hair ties!

 Traci CAt



Here is my beautiful angel, Penny Figy. She was a stray I found in the street, so I am not sure what her breed is. She is around 3 years old. Fun Fact: She can jump about 5 ft. high and is a HUGE troublemaker. Currently grounded for knocking over multiple potted plants.




Name: Shatzie

Breed: Shitzhu

Age: 7

Fun Fact: She can do a few tricks including “play dead” and lie perfectly still and get a treat!




PUP #1

Name: Jack aka Jack Dawg

Age: 50 (that’s 8 in human years)

Breed: Lab/Border Collie (“borador”)

Fun Fact: He’s really good at wearing hats


PUP #2

Name: Remington aka Remi

Age: Almost 4 but puppy for life

Breed: Lab/Border Collie (“borador”)

Fun Fact: Self-taught pier jumper who enjoys long swims in the lake and licking the bathtub!


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