12 Ways to Stay Motivated ALL Week Long

Do you ever feel like the week is taking FOREVER? Or that you can’t seem to get yourself in the work groove? Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated all week (and maybe even month!) long:

  1. Do your biggest projects first. The sense of accomplishment you’ll feel will fuel your motivation to finish the smaller, less taxing items on your to-do list.
  1. Set deadlines for yourself. Even if they’re earlier than they should be, these self-deadlines (self-lines as I like to call them) will keep you focused and help you better manage your time.
  1. Breathe. Take a minute or two every few hours (I try for every 3 hours) to simply breathe. These little meditation sessions can re-set your brain.
  1. Exercise! I’m a big believer in mind-body health. A quick workout in the morning or at lunch (walking is great for you!) can jump-start your brain and keep you focused for the rest of the day.
  1. Challenge yourself. Batman was motivated by the challenge to save Gotham from adversity; Superman was motivated by the challenge to overcome the many enemies in Metropolis; you get the idea. If you don’t push yourself or challenge your mind, you’ll bore easily and remain unmotivated.
  1. Take a break. Similar to #3, taking a short break every so often can serve as a “power nap” that’ll get you ready to take on your next project.
  1. Be realistic. Goals are great but be sure you’re not setting them so high that they’re impossible to reach. Frequently meeting small, realistic goals will keep you looking forward.
  1. Dress the part. Seriously! I find it much easier to stay motivated when I’m dressed more professionally or, at least, not in sweats.
  1. Read quotes. Sometimes, simply reading a motivational quote is enough to get you through a tough day. Print one out and keep in on your desk, tape it to the wall, or (if you’re like me) go to hobby lobby and find an adorable frame. P.S. If you’re looking for a good quote, check out our #MotivationMonday posts on social media!
  1. Work together. Working alongside coworkers will encourage you to meet deadlines sooner, work faster, and deliver better results.
  1. Listen to music. Whether you listen consistently or take short listening breaks every hour or two, music can help keep you upbeat and focused. (Note: Lyric-less songs are often less distracting! My go-to is Five Silent Miles by American Football.)
  1. Accept failure. Don’t let a little bump in the road keep you sidelined. Analyze what went wrong, learn from it, and move on. You can do it!

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