Timing is Everything

You’ve heard the saying, “Timing is everything” plenty of times before. This is relevant in a lot of scenarios – from driving home the selling point in a pitch, to launching that innovative product into the market. But another aspect of timing is one of our core values: Always Responsive.

We’ve all experienced the importance of responsiveness firsthand. No one likes waiting on an empty glass to be refilled at a restaurant while the meal comes and goes. No one enjoys standing in mechanic’s lobby with the minutes ticking by without being acknowledged. And who looks forward to waiting for the cable company in that designated timeframe, only for them to not show up.

On the flip side, when we experience the opposite, we remember it. Having recently gotten married, I can tell you that the options for vendors are endless and people who replied promptly were put at the top of the list. People feel respected and valued when they know they’ve been heard and their request is being taken care of.

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