Getting to Know AFFIRM – Part 3

Labor Day has come and gone, as has the first official day of autumn. The leaves are beginning to change and the weather is getting chilly. I love this time of year (as long as I don’t think about what comes after it). So, this month I asked –

What is your favorite Fall activity?

Danny: Tie: Watching NY Yankees in the playoffs/watching NY Giants football games

Karissa: Aside from adding to my already massive scarf collection, I love going pumpkin picking and getting lost in corn mazes.

Josh: Football (watching or playing).

Katie: Carving pumpkins and baking the seeds. Yum! Also, walks with my dog through the park, when all the leaves are changing.

Traci: Climbing to the top of Holy Hill’s Basilica steeple to see the fall colors.

Amy: I love fall. So many things – watching football, tailgates, haunted houses, pumpkin picking. I love it all!

Laura: My favorite fall activity is celebrating my kids’ birthdays and, I do have an addiction to everything pumpkin and pumpkin spice.

Rick: Raking. No, wait. Bowhunting.

Erik: Reading by a fireplace. Sadly, we don’t have a fireplace.

Steve: Going to Badger or Packer games before the cold sets in!

Cathy: I don’t really have a favorite fall activity. It is my favorite time of the year though – I love fall days, like today. To me, fall weather is the best. Like the changing colors, apple pies, wearing sweaters, football games.

Roe: Playing golf! I try to get in as many rounds as possible before the season ends when the weather gets too chilly.

Ryan: Fishing the secluded wilderness, watching the leaves change, and frying up my bounty.

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