Fall TV Season

One of the most fun parts of media remains the annual upfronts, when the networks parade their new programming to media buyers across the country.  We Harry Connick Jr.get to see snippets of each of the new shows and then we get to make educated guesses on which shows will succeed and which will fail.  Sometimes one of our local stations has the opportunity for an appearance, such as Super18 (WVTV) did last month when we were invited to see Harry Connick Jr. perform!  And yes, some of us had the opportunity to meet him and may I say he’s charming, very personable and better looking in person than on screen!  Harry is not going to be your average talk show – it will include live musical performances, man-on-the-street interviews, parodies and audience participation. Their PR says he will “emerge as daytime’s most distinctive, relatable and consistently funny hosts” and if his recent appearance at the Riverside is any indication, I’d have to agree. The man is phenomenally talented!  Set your DVD to record at 5pm and 9pm!

Since we’re talking Super18, we might as well talk about their returning shows which include two critic’s choices, Jane the Virgin and My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, both of which are binge-worthy, as well as The Flash, Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.  Supergirl is flying to Super18 to join these established superhero programs and should settle in quite nicely after Flash. Of the new shows, the one to watch according to AdAge, is Frequency, a time-travel drama, that AdAge calls compelling viewing.  On the lighter side, the CW also has a one hour romantic comedy, No Tomorrow. 

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