An Important Message About Unimportant Messages


A new documentary short by German director Werner Herzog has been added recently to Netflix and other online streaming outlets.   A number of his documentaries can be found on Netflix, and some of his narrative films, as well, but this particular film strikes a chord with us.

The film is called FROM ONE SECOND TO THE NEXT and it tells the stories of four different texting-while-driving accidents, and the effects that they have had on those involved. The message is an important one, and it couldn’t be more clear: texting and driving destroys lives.

We interviewed Xzavier Davis-Bilbo (the first of the four accident victims in the film), along with his mother, for a Wisconsin DOT “Distracted Driving” message.

We are continuously grateful that we’ve been able to work with the Wisconsin DOT on their vital ZERO IN WISCONSIN campaign, and we are always encouraged to see others (including prominent filmmakers) get involved with a similar message.

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