All Things Fall

It may be in the mid 80’s but fall has arrived! ‘Tis the season for pumpkin carving, corn maze exploring and maybe a little apple picking. What is at the top of your Fall To-Do List?

Meaghan: So many things – over-sized scarves and sweaters, heading up northing to hike with Mia and take pictures of all the leaves turning, bonfires, more hiking with Mia, apple orchards, pumpkin carving, all of it!!

Anna: This fall, I am looking forward to going on a hike and looking at the leaves changing colors. The cold weather however, can take its sweet time.

Mark: I’d like to take a drive and see some good fall colors up north, plan a fall fishing trip or two, and play a few rounds of golf. Yeah, I know I sound old.

Dena: Bonfires, apple picking, and the thanksgiving holiday!

Lisa: Taking the boys to as many Pumpkin Farms as possible and soaking up all they have to offer – hayrides, petting zoos, pumpkin launching and more!

Traci: Trick-or-Treating is a big deal! The candy is a big part of it of course, but it’s also a great way to stay connected to the people in our subdivision. Last year we went door to door and introduced our baby girl to all of our neighbors!

Amy: Fright Fest and doing a Friendsgiving with my friends

Emma: October is the best month of the entire year (particularly the day of 10/6), so aside from the whole month in general, I love all things Halloween! And Packers season of course. And this year, I’m especially excited about my first niece arriving sometime in October, as well as the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm 10/1! Fall is prettyyyyyy, pretttyyyyy, pretttayyyyyy good!

Bill: Road trip to see the Fall colors and do some hiking.

Steve: Hiking at Devil’s Lake to see fall colors

Paula: Apple picking and then making all things apple – especially pie and homemade applesauce – so easy, so delicious!

Danny: Watching the Yankees win the World Series!

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