A better quality of life for the children of Milwaukee

Pathways for Fathers and Families works to strengthen father-child engagement, improve employment and economic opportunities, and develop healthy relationships in their lives.

The Milwaukee County Pathways to Responsible Fatherhood program is a county- wide collaboration composed of more than 10 local partners including Community Advocates, YWCA, UMOS, Wisconsin Community Services, Centro Legal, WRTP Big Step, and Child Support Services. Providing skill-building workshops and individualized service, the integrated Pathways program involves three Core Program Services: Economic Stability, Responsible Parenting, and Healthy Marriage/Relationships. Working with Mosaic Communications, we were responsible for developing a public awareness campaign to ensure area fathers knew about this beneficial program. This included a strong public relations campaign to secure positive media coverage of the program, all brand identity elements, messaging development, as well as collateral materials including a new website. The ultimate campaign goal was to aid fathers and father-figures in improving their lives and strengthen their relationships with their children.

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